Compare with Tradition

Traditional stair work shows quality workmanship and creative style and our stair tops do exactly the same the thing!.

We pride ourselves on the quality control within our manufacturing process as well as the different species of wood we can offer.

This product shows absolute integrity in the finish and "silence" of the staircase once completed.

The Ready Step is a one piece step and stair nosing that allows the installation process to be quick and easy, while saving as much as 30% over traditional methods!


  • 1. Available unfinished or Prefinished
  • One piece step and nosing eliminates labour cost
  • Tread designs provide safety and style
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How long does it take to get my stairs?

  • From the time the order is received your order is processed, manufactured, and shipped to the distributor within 15 working days. Custom orders need to allow 6-8 weeks minimum depending on the size and complexity. Learn More!

Does Ready Step have a warranty?