Warranty and Disclaimer

Our stairs leave the factory free from manufacturing defects such as improper milling and paint finishing. The wood used for the Ready Step components is hand selected for colour conformity, but because wood is a natural material, some variation should be expected. Installation of Ready Step components is deemed as acceptance of those components. For this reason all Ready Step components should be inspected prior to installation.


10-Year Paint Finish Warranty
Wood Products Unlimited Inc. warrants to the original purchaser that the finish will not wear through or separate from the wood for a lesser of 10 full years. This warranty is only valid if purchaser conforms to the Ready Step care instructions that have been provided.

10-Year Structural Integrity Warranty
Wood Products Unlimited Inc. warrants its steps to be free from lamination, assembly, milling, dimension and grading defects for the lesser of 10 full years. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and wood classification. The industry standard of a 5% margin of imperfection shall not be considered a structural defect under the terms of the warranty. Wood Products Unlimited Inc. also reserves the right to have a designated representative inspect the floor and remove samples for technical analysis.

Warranty Exclusions
There is no warranty coverage when steps with visible defects have been installed. It is the responsibility of the installer and the homeowner to inspect steps prior to installation. The warranty coverage is void if alterations, repairs or changes are made to the steps without consent from Wood Products Unlimited Inc. The warranty does not cover improper transportation, storage, or handling of your steps; installation defects caused by the purchaser or professional installer or tools used to install the steps. Failure to respect the prescribed installation procedures will result in a void warranty.

Finish warranty excludes any indentations, scratches or surface damage caused by lack of proper maintenance, misuse, negligence, accidents, spiked heeled shoes, water, wet mopping, erosion, abrasives (sand, pebbles, etc.) pets, and insufficient protection/prevention. The surface wear must be readily visible and cover at least 10% of the surface area. Gloss reduction is not considered surface wear. Defects are evaluated by their visibility from a reasonable vertical distance (standing height) from the stairs. There is no warranty coverage for fading resulting from direct/indirect sunlight, intense artificial lighting, or any other UV light sources, cleansers and floor coverings.

Failure to install the steps in accordance with the installation instructions will void the warranty. Wood Products Unlimited Inc. does not cover Ready Steps installed in commercial or industrial settings. This includes, but is not limited to, main traffic areas and mall entrances, indoor malls, restaurants, bars, pubs, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, laboratories, convention centers and apartment complexes.

This warranty covers standard Ready Step species only. Any material that is not white oak, red oak, hard maple or yellow birch are considered exotic species and are not covered by the Ready Step warranty.

In no event shall Wood Products Unlimited Inc. or its suppliers be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, economic, commercial, consequential, incidental or special loss or damage or any claim by a third party, resulting from the use or loss of use or the performance or non-performance of the Ready Step hardwood stair finishing system. This warranty does not cover labour costs or any losses or expenses as a result of a defect.

No installer, retailer, distributor or agent, or employee of Wood Products Unlimited Inc. has the authority to alter obligations or limitations or the Ready Step warranty.


To file a Claim
A written notice of claim giving the description and the nature of the problem and, if possible a picture of the damaged surface must be filed within the warranty coverage period. The claim must be filed within six months of the appearance of the defect. Information verifying date of purchase and identity of the original buyer and/or invoices as proof of purchase will be required. Please send all claims to:

Ready Step Technical Service Dept.
Wood Products Unlimited Inc.
74 Norilyn Bay
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2G 1B9
Phone: 204-803-5333

Care for your Ready Step stairs
Do not walk on the surface with outdoor shoes and boots. Keep all abrasive material off the surface of the stairs. Sand, dust and gravel particles are very abrasive and will wear your steps unnecessarily quickly. Do not wear narrow (stiletto) heeled shoes on the steps as they can exert as much as 1000 lbs./sq. inch pressure which will dent and mar the step. Refrain from dropping objects and dragging objects up or down the stairs as the wood will suffer dents and scratches in the same manner that a hard wood floor will.

Cleaning your steps regularly is important. Do not clean your stairs with chemical cleaning products or agents. Some manufacturers recommend cleaning floors with a warm water and vinegar solution. This is acceptable if mop is fully wrung out and practically dry beforehand. When cleaning use a clean damp cloth. Quickly wipe spills from the stairs to protect wood from excess liquid. When dusting, use a duster with soft surface head. A soft bristle head vacuum should be utilized if vacuuming.

UV rays may cause color discoloration over time in some natural species. This is a natural phenomenon with wood surfaces and is normal. To minimize this sun shading effect, your stairs need to be protected from direct sunlight and intense artificial lighting to lessen the discoloration of exposed wood. Maintain the relative humidity level between 35% and 55%. Wood is a natural material that reacts to relative humidity variations when moisture is absorbed or released. A humidifier or dehumidifier may be necessary to maintain a constant humidity. Temperature variation can also have an adverse effect on wood, causing it to shrink in cold and expand in heat. Keep the air regulated at a constant temperature between 86oF (30oC) and 39oF (5oC) If a temperature change is required, do not change the temperature more than 5o F (2.8o C) per day.


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How long does it take to get my stairs?

  • From the time the order is received your order is processed, manufactured, and shipped to the distributor within 15 working days. Custom orders need to allow 6-8 weeks minimum depending on the size and complexity. Learn More!

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