Features & Benefits
Single or double returns installed right at the factory to ensure a simple install and allow for all finishing to be done outside of your home.

10 year warranty covers you for both finishing and manufacturing precision.

A Variety of Optional Items also available to complete your staircase with a perfect colour match.

Available in 3', 3 1/2'  and 4' lengths for application to most stair case sizes.

Sold unfinished or pre-finished so installation and matching is at the discretion of the installer. (Color matching is available)

Custom Program available such as winders and odd shaped steps are available upon request. (Custom Orders are subject to price variation)

Price per step is comparable to what a nosing alone costs!


More Info

How long does it take to get my stairs?

  • From the time the order is received your order is processed, manufactured, and shipped to the distributor within 15 working days. Custom orders need to allow 6-8 weeks minimum depending on the size and complexity. Learn More!

Does Ready Step have a warranty?