Just Measure, Cut, and Glue - The Ready StepTM is as easy as 1…2…3!

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The Ready StepTM will make any handy man look like a professional. In three easy steps, you can have a stairway completely finished in no time!

ReadyStep Installation Instructions1. Measure the depth of the existing tread and add 1” to accommodate for the gap where the riser will be applied (under the nosing). Cut to width (with the grain).



ReadyStep Installation Instructions2. Measure the width of the existing stair tread and cut the Ready Step to length.



ReadyStep Installation Instructions

3. Apply adhesive to the existing tread. Use double sided tape or a mechanical fastener* to hold it in place while the adhesive cures. Press the cut Ready Step into place making sure that all corners are to the back of the riser. *(See your local hardware store for more information).



Note: for detailed instructions see installation sheet enclosed with product

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How long does it take to get my stairs?

  • From the time the order is received your order is processed, manufactured, and shipped to the distributor within 15 working days. Custom orders need to allow 6-8 weeks minimum depending on the size and complexity. Learn More!

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